Photography Tips from a Pro [with staff from the Daily Tar Heel]

Hosted by the Daily Tar Heel! In this hands-on workshop, we’ll learn to make the most of the surprisingly good camera inside your phone. Learn phone photo tips from a professional photographer. We will focus on lighting and composition — learn what the rule of thirds actually means, and how to use natural light to your advantage.

The Photography Tips from a Pro workshop will be held in the Undergraduate Library, Room 124, on Thursday, September 28th from 10 – 11am.

Register for the class here.

General computer skills are required, but you do not need specialized prior knowledge. Registration is required. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kelsey at knhammer[at]live[dot]unc[dot]edu.


Workshop Resources

Thanks to our amazing guest speaker, Lauren V. Allen!

Her presentation.