Use the links below to explore online tutorials and to learn at your own pace (courses are divided into short video segments) and on your own time. Shorter (~30 minutes), moderate (~4 hours), and longer (6-12 hours) courses are included for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, so you can go as deep into the programs as you want. We’ve also included some courses on graphic design, infographics, typography, resume design, and color theory, but you can search/browse thousands(!) of other tutorials through UNC’s subscription to

Photoshop Tutorials

Getting Started with Photoshop0:20
Introducing Photoshop for Photography4:51
Introducing Photoshop for Design4:35
Photoshop CC Essential Training3:00

InDesign Tutorials

Getting Started with InDesign0:29
Introducing InDesign4:52
InDesign CC Essential Training6:30

Illustrator Tutorials

Getting Started with Illustrator0:14
Introducing Illustrator3:55
Illustrator CC Essential Training4:42

Additional Design Tutorials

Introduction to Graphic Design6:04
Infographic Fundamentals1:11
Designing a Resume1:06
Foundations of Typography2:23
Color for Design and Art1:45